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Committed to the design of more natural and efficient spaces

Architecture Studio in Santiago de Chile


Our goal is to design a high-quality interior and exterior design architecture, linked to its spatial and cultural context, through collaborative work based on innovation. We are a team of architects and engineers with 10 years of experience in the design of public buildings. Our challenge is to find the right design for each place and for each client. We are not looking for a style, but the result of combining nature, innovation and technology.



Sanitary Services Superintendence
Legal Assistance Center
Peñalolén Headquarters
Family Health Center
MultiMoD: Buildable House
Civil Aeronautics Casino
Benito Juárez Stadium
Tiltil Cultural Centre
Sn. Miguel´s Headquarters
República Mall
Plataformas Content
Prosecution Linares
Community Center
Lampa´s Medialuna
Industrial Assembly Workshop



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